Solar Installations in the Virgin Islands

We make it easy to go green

Caribbean Solar Company (CSC) will guide you through the entire process of installing solar energy in the Virgin Islands. Our staff will keep you informed on the progress of your system and is available to answer any questions you may have.

Our comprehensive solar installation services in the Virgin Islands include:

Custom Designed Solutions

We will design a system suited to your location, energy consumption, and budget. CSC will perform a detailed site-specific assessment which includes testing solar energy availability, locating the optimal location for your new system and calculating your return on investment.

solar USVI

Ground Mount System
luxury villa solar

Custom Solar Porch
custom solar USVI

Aluminum Solar Carport

We deliver unique and creative solar solutions for your island property. Our systems are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional, so you can add affordable renewable energy to your island property without taking away from its aesthetic appeal.

Professional Installation

Residential | Commercial | Utility Scale

Our team takes the utmost care to ensure that your solar system is installed in a skilled and efficient manner. All projects meet local building codes, national electrical code and manufactures’ requirements.

We take care of all the necessary paperwork and process applications with the local utility.

Performance Monitoring

Our installations include performance monitoring equipment to view your solar panels’ energy production. We can confirm your investment is working as expected by constantly monitoring your solar system.

Multiple monitoring options are available. Learn more here

System Warranty

All of our systems come with a workmanship warranty and registered manufacturers’ warranties.

Authorized Solar Installations in the Virgin Islands

We are proud to be authorized solar Installers in the Virgin Islands. We require excellent customer service and business practices from all our staff.

Monitoring & Maintenance | Energy Storage